A Mugal Jali cut Short Antique Copper Hanging Crafted Lights And Lamps

Light up your Home with this designer Hanging light make you feel very happy.
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This is a very cool and exciting source of Floor Lamp. Totally unique. It has been finished in a Metal Plate that really makes it look very realistic. It coordinates beautifully with Cylindrical Shape. This beautiful Handmade Shade is artfully created with a beautiful design. This lamp shade is made out of Fabric with Acrylic Sheet which protects it from heat and is perfect for someone to look their light on the floor. The floor lamp is instantly ready to plug into any outlet. It look nice in the bedroom or in the living room.

Color : Copper
Finish / Design : Handmade
Size : 36 inch
Weight : 2000 gms
Material : Iron Sheet
Cash on Delivery : Available
Delivery Time : 7 Days

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