12 Great Tips For Wall Frames For Your Home / Office


Many of us have bare walls or just one painting on a big wall e.g. in the living room; this leaves a lot of white spaces at your home. Over the years the paint fades away and your wall becomes dull. In other situations (especially with small kids around) there is permanent damage with graffiti. If a wall paper has graffiti, sketch pen marks on it; then that is extremely difficult to clean.

In this blog Artbugs guides you to decorate your walls with wall frames and similar ideas; hence bring vigor to your home or office. 

1. Inspirational Quotes

A collection of photo frames with inspirational messages is great anywhere at home and especially your office; and can keep you inspired all day! Checkout the below quotes and several more here!


2. Mix your wall with photos, art & trinkets for an assorted view

Love that Jim Beam box or some other curious lying around but don’t have shelf space at home? Love your first skateboard (appears in the below image) but don’t want it to lie in the attic but remind you of those fond memories? Figure a way to hook these up on your wall and see the amazing effect! 

3. Give a new look to your empty staircase wall.                                                                           Wall frames are the only decoration one can put up in staircases; also these areas are prone to smudges from our hands. Wall frames are also a great idea to decorate common staircases of apartments; which usually become dirty over time. Contact your building manager today for this great idea!

 4. Skip frames and create a gallery wall around a theme 

Want an idea besides Wall Frames? Well put a collection of antique clocks as below. Or a collection of some other things like paintings by your kids, a collage of posters, stickers (for smaller walls), wall decals or a collection of things with some commonality. If you have some old junk in the attic; polish it up and see if it suits this concept

 5. Layout frames and other accessories on a shelf 

Have a bare shelf with some old decorations which look shabby? Get rid of them and buy some cost effective wall frames from our site here! Don’t want to put up too many screws in your wall? Or is it too much trouble to call the carpenter? Then this is a great idea! Also consider this; a spare wooden board or glass shelf during your last renovation can also be put up on a wall and hence enhancing its look. 

6. Put up canvas prints or just your photos! 

Always planning on framing your best photos and putting off the task? No worries! Simply put them up as a collection on a well chosen wall and it will look great! Also what better way to decorate your kids bedroom with their own paintings? A single painting might not look good; but a collection as a square block or in staircase pattern can look good.

 7. Black & White Photo Frames for Bar Areas/ above low height artifacts 

You might have certain artifacts at home which are low in height e.g. a Newspaper Box, Treasure Chest, Bar Trolley etc. The wall above is bare. It would be great to put up a setup a collection of Black & White Photos or Prints in this area. Again… don’t worry if they are unframed photos. If they are good; just put them up! 

8. Album Art: Album Covers, DVD/ CD Covers, LP Record Covers 

Have you a bunch of old CD’s scratched by now & unplayable; or you don’t have a CD player anymore! Are you too sentimental to throw off that old George Michael, U2 or even Madonna CD? They have wonderful covers. Just take the first page of the CD cover; if you want laminate them for better effect; put them up in a scattered pattern as below; or in a geometric one. Also old LP records (The gramophone discs) have some phenomenal covers; both for English & Hindi movies or music. They are so beautiful that they are worth seeking out… search them up in old bazaars in your city.

Collection of LP Record Clocks

An Alternate idea can be a collection of our LP Record clocks which are cut out into beautiful shapes; a combination of them is a great idea at home. Or a bunch of them showing 4 time zones can do well in your office especially if you have or want to show you have an international business! Click here for more designs!   

 9. Combine wall decals with wall frames 

Lot of online sites offer wall decals; or wall stickers. These would add life to your bedroom or even living room. Again; if the paint is spotty or faded it will cover this up. Want the wall decal to look even better? Add some wall frames within the decal. The tree decal is a great example as the frames appear below the branches; hanging like fruits… a nice artistic touch!

 10.  Wall Frames with funny quotes for your bathroom


Getting bored while using the WC? Lighten up your mood with these funny wall frame images; or simply the numerous bathroom posters which have been popular for many years now

Alternately you can put up our inspirational quotes in the bathroom. Remember some of the greatest ideas of the world were born in bathrooms!

 11. Position wall-frames next to the Dining Table 

The dining area can also be a great place for wall frames; especially the ones below related to food. If your Dining table is part of your living room; consider suitable frames to go with your living room 

12. Add a monogram to family photo galleries between wall frames.


Adding a monogram adds a great touch especially if it is within wall frames. It might be the emblem of your school, college or even your kid’s school. They will certainly love you for it!

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