7 Must Have Accessories For Every Girl

Fashion Trends may change from year to year, one thing that every girl needs to have in her wardrobe is a collection of accessories that she can use, over and over again to enhance her outfit. Accessories are used to add a personal touch and add a bit more style to an otherwise plain outfit. The bigger the collection of accessories that you own, the more varieties you have for mixing and matching styles and creating something new that suits your style. Here are seven of those classic fashion accessories that every girl should own.

1. A Black Blazer

You can either choose a formal blazer or a casual one, depending on your choice. However, to be on the safer side, it is better to have a blazer that is a blend of both. As black is a universal color, it is the safest one to opt for. You can wear this blazer on a lunch outing with friends or to a business presentation.

Black Blazer

2. Scarves

Scarves are amazing and can take almost any outfit up a notch. But in order for a scarf to make your outfit even more stylish; you have to know how to wear one. Yeah, you can just drape it around your neck and call it a day… or you could tie it in a cool knot or you don’t even have to wear it on your neck at all! There are so many options! You can check out my previous blog on “8 Style Ideas for Scarves” here .  


 3. Belts

The belt is one of the most popular and must have fashion accessories, and every single girl loves to buy Stylish belts, which help girls in highlighting their beautiful curvy waists. Girls can buy various colors of belts that will help them match the belts with every outfit. Different styles, sizes and shapes of belts can be tried out for various outfits like Jeans, Dresses, Formals etc.


 4. Bags

We know that woman’s personality largely depends on the clothes she wears, makeup, etc. But, accessories like Bags also play a vital role in making your personality and look impressive. The selection of bags, particularly handbags is completely depended on the use of the bags, girls’ choice of color and personality because a good bag can enhance your personality. Hand bags come in attractive designs and colors. You Can check out my previous Blog on “Must Have Bag Styles” here.  

Trendy Bags

 5. A Classic Watch

Invest in a Classic Metal Wrist Watch.If possible go in for a slightly higher quality – after all how many watches are you going to own. The best part is it will last a lifetime! 


 6. Sandals

A pair of Sandals is a major part of basic accessories for girls, and stylish pair of footwear can change the whole look of an outfit wear by a girl.  


7. Statement Necklace

Necklaces are always in fashion, whether it’s beaded, glass, stone, gold, silver or pearl; have one which can go with any and every outfit you own. Trust us, any outfit can be transformed from boring to super sexy with just one statement piece!


Hope you got insights that which accessories you must possess for your personality and when to wear them for different occasions.

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