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These beautiful sitting spaces are calling out to us

Let's sit - Chat - Laugh - Hum a song or two - Gossip - Vent - Make plans - Discuss dreams - Be happy

No matter the size and style of our patio, living room, bedroom, adding a sitting area is an easy and charming way to increase functionality and space of the room. An elegant chaise longue or a pair of overstuffed armchairs instantly create a cozy reading spot or an intimate space to your living room and bedroom to unwind at the end of the day.

Sitting 1Sitting 3These beautifully decorated rooms and sitting areas will inspire you to switch up your own

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What is better than to spend an evening with family and friends  on a beautifully designed and decorated patio, balcony's and terraces. Depending on the space available you can decide what kind of decor you can do. If the space is bigger then, one can go for lavish sofa made of  bamboo or wood along with comfy chairs which can provide large sitting areas for your guests. To enhance the beauty of the space you can add some garden accessories like vibrant metal planters, pots, sculptures and vases etc.. 

Outdoor Sitting Places  Garden Sitting Places

Layered Pots   Colourful Pots   Decorative Waterc an Garden Accessories

You can also go for rustic look for outdoors, with wooden driftwood furniture like benches, chairs, stools, centertables and create a warm and rustic farmhouse atmosphere in patios, balcony's or terrace's. Driftwood furniture not only looks unique with its natural polished look but is durable as well. You can see handpicked varieties of driftwood furniture on furniture section. To lit up the space you can hang string of led or fairy lights on the trees and planters rather than going for typical tacky looking bulbs. Check out some images below to get an idea..

 wooden furniture   Garden Furniture

Fairy lights

Hope you got insights on how to create most beautiful sitting places

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