15 Easy and Affordable DIY Projects For Home Decorating You Can Use

About Learn about 15 easy to implement and affordably DIY (Do It Yourself!) ideas for decorating your home; including your living room, bedroom and more!

You must be always thinking to decorate your home. A boring nightstand seems to need to be replaced, or the color of the wall is too monotonous and needs paint, and even your family photos need lovely displaying. All in all, you want some projects to beautify your home. However, the budget might be prohibitively expensive and can deter you! Don’t worry with our 15 easy DIY projects, you can decorate your home beautifully at will that too with a friendly budget. Come and get more decorating ideas for your home. Have fun!

1. DIY Picture Frames as a Clock

How do you literally convert every hour of the day into a cherishing moment? Simply find this amazing clock (you can check out other clock designs here). Also it need not be a similar model; it can be any clock with large hands. As an alternative to Picture Frames, you can try Inspirational Quotes here. For a customized size if you plan to buy 12 designs (for 12 hours of the clock) you can email to [email protected]

ClocksImage Image Image Credit: Uppercase Living

2.  DIY Wine Bottle Decorative Light

Ever wondered what to do with those Christmas/ Diwali Streaming Lights / LED Lights AFTER Diwali? You must be typically storing them away till the next season. Instead just put them in a random & creative fashion inside a nice dark colored Wine or Whiskey Bottle as below. You can find some old ribbons of gifts received (or buy ribbons anywhere) and put a nice Bow Knot on the base of the neck of the bottle. And that’s it; you’re done. It will especially look great in the evening in a low light setting.

For design ideas or readymade designs available online; you can check out Bottles & Planters here

Bottles and Planters

 3. DIY Bottle Planter

Jute ropes are inexpensive and are widely available at any hardware store. Take one set of the thin ones and another thicker set. Also you can take 2 sets of white cord ropes – one thin and one thick (The below picture shows just the thin ones but you can visualize that the thick ones will also look very nice). Take a wine bottle and clean it with warm water and soap. Make sure to remove the label of the wine if possible. Then use a semi strong glue (e.g. Fevicol) and apply a thin layer on the bottle. Then twirl the rope around in concentric circles. Top off the bottle with Dry Flower Sticks or any suitable Vertical Decoration that can go inside a bottle; or use fresh flowers! Additional Decor stuck on the front can be anything; a frilly artificial flower, some old suit buttons, an old purse’s metal parts etc.

For design ideas or readymade designs available online; you can check out Bottles & Planters here

Jute Bottles

 4. Bunch of Sticks Flower Pot

Take any old cereal tin or a plastic box. Make a hole at the bottom (With a heated pointed object) for the water to flow. Then grab some branches – ensure that they have close to same thickness and cut them into pieces and tie them together as shown. Encircle it around the tin and tie it up. Ensure that the Sticks height is 1 inch higher than the top rim of the tin. Alternately use a strong glue around the exterior and stick the sticks! You’re done! The inside of the tin can be used like a regular flower pot

For design ideas or readymade designs available online; you can check out Ceramics & Stoneware or an entire range of Home Decor Ideas

DIY pot

 5. DIY Paper Flower Wall Decoration

Take any suitable and slightly thick cardboard or chart paper and make the flower petals. For precision use stencils. The rest of the process is explained quite well in the picture. Try any suitable shapes. Also if this is too difficult you can simply have horizontal design cutouts. If you become good at this then you can sell them online as Wall Decals which are very popular! 

Wall art


Wall Decor

6. DIY Old Picture Frames & Bottles as Wall Decor

Have you got those old picture frames; some of which are from your grand father’s time? They are beautiful but slightly damaged and you don’t know what to do with them. You can use them innovatively as below; along with bottles, baskets or anything that looks good. The frame can be also bought from a Photo Frame Shop. Try very thick frames (2 inches out of the wall) also... they would look really good! For readymade designs of Bottles & Planters you can check them here

Bottles and Planters

 7. DIY Old Jeans Miscellaneous Holder

Have a pair of old jeans that you don’t know what do with? Take a piece of plywood and stick the leg portion of it onto the plywood. The pockets will need to be stuck with a very strong fabric glue around the borders so that it holds.

Recycled jeans

 8. DIY Old Window Frames for a Photo Collage

Framing 8 of your photos from a Photo Frame Shop can be quite expensive. Besides this 8 frames would mean 8 nails into your wall which might be difficult to change later. Hence simply use a discarded old window (or pick one from a junk shop) and put your favourite pictures behind it! Instead of Picture Frames; you can also try out Inspirational Quote Frames

Frame Collage

 9. DIY Used Tyres as Flower Pot Decoration

This is a very environmental friendly way to use old tires. Drag out your old tires or pick them up from a used tire shop. Visit the Hardware Store and ask for the right spray paint which will stick on rubber and will be water and weather proof. The inside can be a regular flower pot.

Recycled Tyres

 10. DIY Colorful Strings as Coasters

If you want to make really good coasters then we would recommend you to buy fresh everything that you need. Buy a 2 Foot Square cork board. Use a bowl with approximately 3.5-4 inches diameter to draw the outline of the coaster. Then you can stick the colourful strings on the coaster in a concentric fashion as below. For design ideas/ readymade coasters check them out here!

DIY Coasters

 11. DIY Pen Holders, Make Up Stands, Cotton Case

This is so easy! Just take colourful plastic bottles and use their lower half. Glass Bottles will be ever better as they are bigger and might look better; but the cutting you might have to get it done from outside. Use these stands for Makeup sticks, as a Pen Holder, Cotton, Toothpick, Toothbrush or anything holder

DIY Recycled Bottles

 12. DIY Wall Frame Decor

This is easy enough to make if you have some good pieces of plywood lying around, or buy them very cheap at the junk shop. Decorate it like below or with any other decoration or simply stick photos/ inspirational messages on it. Inspirational messages also will look better if you write them on the board. For design ideas and exquisite wall decor including mythology ones; visit Traditional Wall Frames

Wall Frames

 13. DIY Create Your Own Wallpaper

This is a great idea if you have a painted wall and cannot afford or are not too keen on a repainting job. This can also be done on an old wall paper provided the design is light. Firstly clean the wall well. Don’t worry if the paint fades at certain places as the decoration will reduce the paint effect. Use “+” symbols as below, or @ or & or any other icon; it can be a smiley also! The key for this effect to come out properly is to use close to the same size per Icon and the spacing should be even. Or alternately it should be totally random. Make a Cardboard Stencil if you are not sure of achieving a uniform size throughout the wall; or readymade plastic stencils are available with stationery stores... however big sized stencils might not be availale. Checkout Home Decor for more ideas

DIY Wall Paper

 14. DIY Wall Decal

These are best bought online. You can for example buy the readymade ones as simple silhouettes and then decorate them yourself. Layout can be as per the wall’s size and shape; also the fall of Lighting on the decal will be important.

DIY Wall Decor ideas

 15.  DIY Flower Corner in your Home

What can a few plastic mugs do? Lots, if you ask me! Take attractive vibrant/ florescent colored plastic mugs and arrange them in a corner of your Living Room or Balcony. Use colourful whisky/ liquor/ wine bottles with them. If the bottles are transparent design them with acrylic colors... it can be simple spots on the bottle itself. And you have a memorable corner in your home. The flower selection is important hence ensure you have access to fresh flowers; preferably a variety of them. If this is too much of a hassle then you can always get artificial ones. You can start with one flower vase today and then increase the collection once you get more vases or flowers

DIY Recycled Mugs and Bottles

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