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Affordable Office Décor is also available. Home is what represents us; it is the reflection of our personality. There are different types of Décor available for your Living Room or Hall, Bedroom, Kids Room, Passageways or even your Balcony or Garden. We have both Home Décor & furniture to suit each of these places. Looking for Contemporary Sculptures or even Indian Figurines or Religious Statues for your temple or place of worship, Artbugs.In is the right place! Want to buy affordable paintings then you can check out Warli Paintings, or even Contemporary, Charcoal, Realistic, Village Life, Urban Life or Vibrant Paintings.

We are always in search of unique, designer and exclusive home decor products for our home. India is rich in its traditions, culture and folk arts, also indian arts and crafts are always in high demand and loved by our international customers. We at Artbugs present you the most unique, traditional as well as modern but artistic home decor products online by Indian Artisans. Be it a world famous Jaipur Blue Pottery or Leather Landshades from the Intenationally known small village of Lepakshi from Andhra Pradesh, we have it all!

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Choose from the wide range of home decor online products like arty clocks, cushions, hand painted leather lampshades, wall clocks, wall hangings, wall plates, recycled bottles and planters and much more. Surprise your guests by serving tea, coffee or wine, vodka or tequila shots in hand painted cutting chai glasses or shot glasses you can combine these with hand painted kettles to add that dramatic effect. Warli painting as known to everybody,it is the most famous tribal art form of Maharashtra which has extended globally to as far as Japan & Brazil by the efforts of our Artisans including a Padmashri Winner. Our artist presents warli painting on canvas in very different form depicting the village life of warlis, their festivals, marriages and daily life, and all in vibrant modern colors like Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow, Orange, Black; besides the traditional red brick Warli Paintings which we also have. Our Kalamkari Home Décor are another well known and famous art form from south india & is mainly used in apparels and furnishings, our artist has created this art form in serving trays, coffee mugs, spoons, dinner plates, handbags and jhola bags. Blue pottery an art from rajasthan, has the most vibrant and colourful designs hand painted on pots, vases, jars, wall decor plates and many more. . Brass figurines statues and sculptures are the most ethnic and traditional forms of decorating home, choose from Ganesha Statues, Shiv or Parvati Idols, Lord Krishna Figurines, Buddha Statues, Durga Mata Statues, Lakshmi for your wealth, Saraswati Statues, Dancing Shiva Natraj Brass Statues, Arjun Rath Statues, Kali Maa, Lord Hanuman, Lord Vishnu, Lord Ram & Sita statues.

We also have engraved shankhs, door handles, door knobs etc...Shopping for lights and lamps is the great way to decorate your home with vibrant and colourful wall lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling and pendant lights to enhance the beauty and bring life to your decor. Decorating your terrace, balcony or garden with beautiful garden accessories like vases, planters, fibre statues gives an enchanting look to your outdoors. Wall Art is unique and creative way to decorate your walls with traditional wall frames, inspirational quotes to start your day, picture frames and mirrors.

Just use your imagination and transform your home according to your choice of traditional or modern decor. Chao!

Handmade Products by Indian Artisans

Artbugs is an online store to shop for the most creative and designer indian products, we support the Make in India movement of the Modi Government and this is just a small contribution to our society. Under Artbugs you will find small amateur artist from indian villages to a very well known and established artist from the cities.

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