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What are the payment options provided at Artbugs?


Artbugs has the widest range of Payment Options for any site in India! Please select the option which suits you best. The options are:-

  • Credit Card/ Debit Card / Net Banking
  • ​Pay By PayUMoney
  • Online Banking Fund Transfer
  • Cheque Payment
  • Branch Transfer – By you visiting your bank branch
  • COD – Cash on Delivery (within limits)

Please note that your payment and ordering on this website is subject to our “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy”. 


PAYMENT VIA Credit Card/ Net Banking

This is where you can pay via your Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking/ Mobile Banking account.

Preferably please select this as this is the preferred payment method for Priority Delivery.

Selecting this option ensures your order goes on top above other Payment Options. On selecting this option you will be directed to our Payment Gateway Provider “PayUMoney” Page. PayU will display 3 options. They are explained below:-



PayUMoney is our Payment Gateway and provides you the following sub-options:-

Registered PayUMoney User: Customers who have previously registered with PayUMoney earlier can use this payment option and enter their PayUMoney Login details. Please note this is different from your registration at Artbugs. The additional discount benefit of PayUMoney is as below. Registered PayUMoney users can select this option and proceed further with Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Net Banking details


Register for  PayUMoney: This enables you to register for PayUMoney; where you have to enter a preferred mail ID and password. This can be considered a very good option as PayUMoney offers you a 2% discount (Subject to terms of offer of PayUMoney… Artbugs has no obligation in this) over and above the final price/ promos offered at the Artbugs Site. Once registered with PayUMoney; you can avail the discount and other benefits by selecting “Pay By PayUMoney” at any site supporting “Pay By PayUMoney”


Guest Checkout: Similar to Artbugs offering Guest Checkout; users who want to quickly complete their payment can click the “Guest Checkout” option on the PayUMoney payment page. On selecting this option you simply have to enter your Credit/ Debit Card/ Net Banking details and complete your payment. This is the preferred option for quickly completing your payment without registration with PayUMoney


Advantages of Pay By PayUMoney


Advantage #1: As an online customer; you can select this option to get additional discounts from PayUMoney IN ADDITION to the discounts available at our website!

Advantage #2: Plus the other benefit is that if you use “Pay By PayUMoney”; you will make an online payment and then your money will be deposited with PayUMoney; and it will not be transferred to Artbugs until we deliver you the product! Visit their site below for more info!


PAY BY Online Banking Fund Transfer

We provide for Online Bank Transfer for Buyers who want to pay via Fund Transfer (within your bank’s Internet Banking). Hence this is different from the first option of Credit Card/ Net Banking as detailed below:-


In the first option when you select Pay by Credit Card/ Net Banking; you will be redirected to our Payment Gateway Provider PayUMoney; when you select your bank; you will be redirected to your banks's secure Credit Card / Net Banking Login Page


However by selecting this option of Online Banking Fund Transfer you will be provided guidance as below to do a Fund Transfer from your bank account to our bank account. Hence for thisyou need to directly visit your bank's secure Credit Card/ Net Banking Login and do an NEFT/RTGS Funds Transfer


Once you login to your Bank's Internet Banking: You need to add Artbugs as Payee to your Net Banking Fund Transfer Option. Given below are our bank account details to add Artbugs as Payeee



Branch : Nariman Point, Mumbai

Account Type : CURRENT

Account Number : 000405106840

IFSC Code: ICIC0000004

Please note your order will not ship until we receive the payment

Once again please ensure you enter the full due amount for your transaction. On making the payment please send us your Order Number Details and Payment amount via email to[email protected] and we will revert to you about your shipment


PAY BY Cheque Payment

We allow for cheque payments/ money order/ demand drafts (payable at Mumbai) for buyers who are not comfortable with Online Payment.

Please make your cheque in favor of our company ARTBUGS VENTURES LLP

Ensure that the cheque value matches the total value of your intended purchase.

Please email us at [email protected] or Tel: +91 77 55 933 865 to get our Postal Address

Please ensure you mention our Tel No and give the “Your Full Postal Return Address & Tel. No” on the Envelope to ensure that the courier delivers it. Once couriered; please email us at[email protected] with your order number and cheque details. We will ship your order after your cheque gets credited. For any queries please call us on 07755933865


PAY BY Visiting Your Bank's Branch

For buyers who are OK with visiting their branch and making a fund transfer from your bank’s branch; please visit your bank’s branch; fill in an NEFT/RTGS Transfer form as per our details below. Please ensure you enter the amount as per your total purchase value of the products you are buying.


Branch : Nariman Point, Mumbai
Account Type : CURRENT
Account Number : 000405106840

IFSC Code: ICIC0000004

Once you have completed the Branch Transfer; please email us at [email protected]  with your order number and the transaction reference number given by your bank’s branch staff and we will revert to you on your delivery.

Please note your order will not ship until we receive the payment


PAYMENT VIA COD – Cash on Delivery

Artbugs provides COD (Cash on Delivery) as a payment option for all purchases with values as defined below:-

Minimum Order Value of Rs. 1,000/- (One Thousand Indian Rupees or its equivalent in your currency)

Maximum Order Value of Rs. 20,000/- (Twenty Thousand Indian Rupees or its equivalent in your currency)

If you have a special requirement for a product which is more than Rs. 20,000/- and you want the COD option; please email us at [email protected] with the Product code and we will get back to you if we can process with your request

Please note that when our Delivery person visits you; our COD Terms are as follows:-

You will be required to pay the full COD cash amount due and only then will our Courier hand over to you your package

Under no circumstances are you permitted to open the package unless you make the full payment

On opening the package if you have any issues then please email us at [email protected] with your query and order number and we will get back to you. Please note that the order return process is different. You cannot hand back the package to Courier who delivers it to you. For queries on this; please email us or call us.



Are taxes included in our order?

Yes. The price displayed on the product is ALL INCLUSIVE and includes Free Delivery (Free Shipping) and includes all VAT/ taxes and any other levies

An Official VAT Invoice will be provided to you along with the product to enable you to claim expenses etc. VAT amount is shown on the invoice. An Example:

If your final payment price (after discounts & promos) is Rs. 2025; this is the displayed price which you will pay. The split-up of this is Product Price (Rs. 1,800) + 12.5% VAT (Rs. 225) = Rs. 2,025/-

There are additional delivery charges only for International Shipments ....

All India Deliveries Display Price is ALL INCLUSIVE!

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